About us

Doktorim is an innovative platform, among other things, you have the opportunity to see the doctor's evaluations given by other patients, after that you have a good or bad opinion about the doctor and you are aware of the doctor's evaluation.
By following the preliminary steps you have it very simple to use it, and you will be informed in real time about any type of response.
Also, the essence of Doktorim is to avoid long waits at doctors.


Doktorim is a digital platform which enables doctors to have an interactivity with their patients.
So, patients have the opportunity to book an appointment online in real time and doctors will be notified of that booking.
In addition to doctors in Doktorim, you will be able to find clinics of different lamas that contain a number of doctors, where you will also be able to book appointments.

First, you as a patient will need to have an account in Doktorim, which you can create through Google or Facebook, but you can also register by filling out the following form by clicking here.

All your data is secured by us.
Also, each doctor, by notifying you, will be able to manually create an appointment reservation in case you have to perform services in the type of sessions.

You can book the appointment by following the steps below:

  1. Find the doctor you need
  2. On the same page you can see the calendar with the free dates for reservation, select the date.
  3. Free hours will be automatically generated below, and you should choose the hour that suits you
  4. All the services of that doctor will be listed below and you must select the ones you want to perform
  5. Then click "Book Now" to the last part of the process
  6. If you are not registered in the application, you must fill out the form below so that we will automatically create your account in Doktorim, then select the payment method and click Confirm


From our side the whole platform works in real time. So, if you make a reservation at some point, the doctor will be notified about your reservation at the same time.

Of course, your data is stored on our servers located in the country of Switzerland and we follow the Swiss data storage policies and privacy policies. Our data storage availability is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


You as a patient will be a user who never needs to pay.

​​While as a doctor, now as the beginning of the launch until after 6 months everything will be free. After 6 months you will be notified of any new developments.


We would be grateful if you would let us know in case something is not working properly.You can contact us on the social networks below or via the phone number +383 43 507 725 or by filling out the form here